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Brett Newski | LP Release


Am 03. Oktober zur 20. LLY-Music Night präsentiert LifeLovesYou Brett Newski  mit seiner Band the No Tomrorrow und ihrer neuen LP „Life Upside Down“ im Guest Room in Graz.
Einlass: 20:00 Uhr
Beginn: 20:45 Uhr
Eintritt: 9,00 Euro

Everyone is under the thumb of something: anxiety, toxic relationships, self-bullying, a miserable job, the list goes on. Life Upside Down is an album about turning life right side up. It’s about getting free from the worst enemy of all: thyself.Brett Newski has certainly kicked his own ass over the past 6 years, touring infinitely (mostly alone) and wandering downthe rabbit hole of anxiety, depression, and wallowing self-doubt. All of these negatives have blossomed into positive creative energy on his third LP.

„Anxiety can actually be a good thing. If you use it right, that nervous energy can be channeled into motivation or creativity,“ explains Newski. „Even the most seemingly confident people have self doubt.“

Produced by Hutch Harris of Sub-Pop legends The Thermals and engineered by Beau Sorenson (Death Cab for Cutie, Superchunk, Bob Mould), Life Upside Down is a beautiful catharsis to a happier brain and sense of belonging. If you frequently find yourself stuck in your own head traffic, this record might help get you free.

Growing up on Pixies, Cake, Beck, Weezer, and Violent Femmes (who Newski has toured with on several occasions), Life Upside Down channels a raw 90s sound that brings you back to an era where guitars were king and MacBooks didn’t count as a live instrument.

Catch Brett Newski in a land near you on the Life Upside Down world tour.

Das Konzert von Brett Newski im Guest Room in Graz wird veranstaltet von LifeLovesYou.
Brett Newski live in Graz
Brett Newski live in Graz

Brett Newski – Garage feat. Tomm Petty